SK620, SK630, SK650 Delayed With a Statement from Cooler Master

As you all know, the SK series from Cooler Master was supposed to be released at the end of 2018. Obviously, that didn’t happen; now we know why. Yesterday, Cooler Master posted an update on Reddit with an explanation on the delay. Apparently, there was a manufacturing defect on the switches. The full statment from Cooler Master:

Hey everyone, we just wanted to clarify things in regards to the SK keyboards, models, and release dates.

First, we want to apologize for the delay in releasing this series. While we were expecting to release in 2018, we took some extra time to make sure we were bringing you the best product we could. All of our keyboards were affected by switch allocation issues, meaning that we couldn’t get enough switches fast enough to hit our deadlines. The wireless keyboards are our first wireless products so it was important for us to thoroughly test the battery and Bluetooth functionality. With this extra development time we were able to extend battery life from 4 hours to 15+ with RGB, among other improvements. We want you to love the SK as much as we do!

Second, any of the SKs ending in 1 are the wireless model and different from the 0s. For example, the SK631 is the wireless version of the SK630 and will release later. We have the SK621, SK630, SK631, SK650, and SK651. There is no SK620.

Finally, it seems there has been some confusion relating to some of the media coverage of the keyboards. While the SK631 and SK651 will not release until later this year, the original SK630 and SK650 are still headed your way soon. How soon?

The release schedule: SK630 and SK650 – Jan 29 SK621 – End of March (Tentative) SK631 – End of May (Tentative) SK651 – End of July (Tentative)

Thank you for your patience as we work hard to bring these keyboards to you. We hope you’ll find it was worth the wait!

While it’s nice to have some clarity, no doubt many will be disappointed by the delays. It seems that some of the SKs will not be available until July, or possibly later. Cooler Master has cleared up some of the confusion regarding the different model numbers. Apparently, the even numbers will be wired, the odd numbers will be wireless.

If you’d like to learn more, you can follow the Reddit here.