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Rewards Program

Joykey is proud to offer our Rewards Program, where you can earn points with every purchase.

How do I earn points?

Earning points is simple; you earn points for every purchase made at joykeyco.com. Plus, you can get 500 points free just for signing up.

What is the conversion rate?

For every dollar spent, you get 2 reward points. For example, a $50 purchase will get you 100 reward points, enough for $1 off your next purchase.

How do I see my current points?

Sign into your account and go to your account dashboard. Your total reward points will be listed in the left menu.

When do my points expire?

Joykey Reward Points will never expire.

If you have any additiona questions not answered here, you can reach us through our contact form or email us info@joykeyco.com.