Ducky Shine 7 Preview

At this year’s Computex, Ducky showed off its yearly update to the Shine series, appropriately titled ‘Shine 7’. The first thing we noticed is the different colours. The models on display included: orange, white, teal and silver. An information card indicated a zinc alloy chassis, three-stage feet, PBT doubleshot keycaps, Cherry MX or Razer switches (more on that below) and a detatchable USB Type-C plug.

They all seem to be two-tone, with one colour for the top plate and a different colour for the bottom part of the case. They are ANSI layout, and feature full RGB lighting. No release date was given.

Updated: A big controversy with the Shine 7 is that it will be the first in the Shine series to use Razer switches. This is a big change and many are not happy about it. However, the Razer switches should be a variant (the Special Edition may be the Razer variant), and Shine 7 with Cherry MX should still be available. As we find out more about this issue, we will post updates here.

Ducky has now given the release date as 11/30. For more information and pictures of an unboxing, there’s now a Reddit page.

Note: this article was updated to include information on the Razer switches on the Shine 7. The information in this article is prelimary information on a not yet-released product; details are subject to change.