Cooler Master SK620, SK630 and SK650 Keyboards

Sk620, SK630, SK650

Back at CES, Cooler Master showed off a rough prototype of a keyboard with Cherry’s new Cherry MX Low Profile switches. That was also the same CES where Cherry revealed the new switch. Cooler Master has now released new images of three new models featuring the new switch: SK620 (60%), SK630 (80%) and SK650 (100%).

So far Cooler Master has only shown pics of the 60%, but what they did show looks extremely promising. Full RGB lighting and a bezel-free case makes for an extremely thin and compact keyboard that also looks great.

Fully featured

Featuring a durable aluminum top plate, USB-C port and a razor thin LED lightbar around the top edge. If you look closely, you’ll see there’s an App key on the right and left of the spacebar. This should allow access to function keys and other functions. LED lighting, key remapping and macros should be available through Cooler Master’s new, and hopefully improved application. The SK620 will have 2 versions; the wired only SK620, and the Bluetooth and USB-C SK621.

Company representatives did not confirm a release date, but industry insiders claim it could hit shelves sometime in Q4 2018 or Q1 2019.

Updated: Cooler Master teased a new picture on Reddit of the SK600 series. There’s a few interesting differences compared to the old images.

Perhaps most noticable is the font seems to have changed; it is now uppercase, and the font itself is also different. This is especially noticeable on the Control and Caps lock keys. The Cooler Master key may have been changed to an outline only, although with the angle it’s difficult to know for sure. The LED lightbar is no longer on the top edge, but seems to have been moved to the middle of the front (and side) edge.

Although Cooler Master did not state which model this is, it is most likely the SK630.

Pricing and availability

Cooler Master via Reddit has stated that the SK630 and SK650 should be out before the end of the year, probably just in time for the holiday season. The SK621 (and SK620?) will not be available until Q1 2019 at the earliest. If you want to receive yours as soon as it’s available, you can preorder yours today.